Thursday, January 13, 2022

Osborn Tournament - Polo vs. Winston (Boys)

Polo Panthers are playing Winston in the Championship of the Osborn Tournament in Stewartsville tonight at 8:00 p.m.  They come into the game with a record of 7-6 winning 4 of their last 6 games.  They have won their last 6 games against non-GRC opponents.

Trent Raby leads the Panthers with 18.0 points per game, and Maverick Gentry joins him in double figures at 12.7 points per game.  Overall, Polo has shown improved scoring ability going from 39 PPG in 2020-21 to 51 points per game this season.

Unfortunately, Polo was a victim to a strong Winston team in each of the past 2 tournaments.  In 2020, Polo fell in a very close game to Winston 42-39 in the semifinals.  Last year, Winston and Polo were paired in Pool Play with the Redbirds taking a 50-29 victory. 

Polo Starting Lineup
  • #3 Trent Raby
  • #10 Gage Gilbert
  • #21 Maverick Gentry
  • #23 Jace Bolling
  • #24 Zadin Owens
1st Quarter
Winston wins the tip.  They hit a mid-range shot to go up 2-0.  Owens answers and ties it at 2.  7:09 left.

Winston with a 3 to make it 5-2.  Polo with a couple shots, but not able to answer and Winston comes back down with another 3.  Winston leads 8-2 with 6:00 left.

After a Polo turnover, Winston hits 2 free throws to make it 10-2 with 5:48 left.

Another 4 points extends the lead to 14-2 and Polo calls a timeout with 4:41 left.

Trent Raby with a bucket to make it 14-4.  Owens with 2 block shots on the other side.  3:58 left.

Jace Bolling with a putback to make it 14-6 with 3:30 left.

Winston with a bucket to go up 16-6.  They then hit 2 free throws.  18-6 with 2:35 left.

Two more free throws put Winston up 20-6 with 1:32 left.

A half court shot at the buzzer hits the top of the rim, but does not fall for Polo.

At the end of the 1st quarter, Winston leads 20-6.

2nd Quarter
Polo with the ball first in the 2nd.  They can't capitalize and Winston with good ball movement to get a layup.  Owens answers on the other end with a 2.  Winston now up 22-8 with 6:45 left.

Winston fouled on a made shot and hits the free throw.  They lead 25-8 with 6:24 left.

Another 3 goes down for Winston.  Trent Raby answers with 5:38 left.  Winston leads 28-11.

And Winston hits a 3 again.  31-11 with 5:05 left.

Polo turns it over on the inbounds.  Winston hits a 2.  Polo turns it over on the inbounds again.  Polo calls timeout.  Winston leads 33-11 with 4:35 left.

Polo with a fast break basket for Trent Raby to make it 33-13.

Winston turns it over and Gentry with a bucket to make it 33-15 with 3:24 left.

Winston hits another 3.  36-15 with 3:00 left.

Winston hits a free throw to make it 37-15 with 1:51 left.

Another 3 by Winston and then a free throw makes it 41-15 with 1:02 left.

Winston closes the scoring with a 3 to go up 44-15 at the half.

3rd Quarter
Winston with the ball to start the 3rd.

Winston starts the scoring, but Trent Raby comes back with a 3 to make it 46-18 with 5:50 left.

Winston with 4 more to make it 50-18 with 5:10 left.

Owens with a steal and a bucket.  50-20 with 4:00 left.

Gilbert with a bucket to make it 50-22, but Winston hits another 3.  Now 53-22 with 3:00 left.

Gentry with a bucket and he is fouled.  The free throw rolls off.  53-24 with 2:33 left.

Trent Raby with a scoop and score after a Winston bucket.  55-26 with 1:45 left.

Winston closes scoring with a bucket and a free throw to make it 58-26 after 3.

4th Quarter
Polo with the ball to start the 4th, but they turn it over.

Jace Bolling with a 3.  58-29 Winston with 7:02 left.

Winston with a bucket to go up 60-29 with 5:53 left.

Trent Raby answers with another 3.  60-32 with 5:20 left.
Gage Gilbert hits 2 free throws to make it 60-34 with 4:07 left. 

Winston answers with another 3.  3:40 left and they lead 63-34.

Another bucket by Winston makes it 65-34, but Trent Raby answers with a 3.  65-37 with 2:42 left.

Winston with a bucket with 2:20 left to go up 67-37.

Trent Raby with his 5th 3.  67-40 with 30 sec left.

Final Score Winston 67 Polo 40

Refresh throughout the game for updates

Polo Scoring
#3 Trent Raby 21
#24 Zadin Owens 6
#23 Jace Bolling 5
#10 Gage Gilbert 4
#21 Maverick Gentry 4

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