Thursday, January 13, 2022

Osborn Tournament - Polo vs. DeKalb (Girls)

Polo Lady Panthers are playing DeKalb in the Championship of the Osborn Tournament in Stewartsville tonight at 6:30 p.m.  They come into the game with a record of 12-1 with their only loss coming at the hands of Milan 44-36 in conference play.

Mary Copeland leads Polo with 16.5 points per game and Hanna Vaught is just outside of double figures at 9.9 PPG.  As a team, Polo comes into the game leading the GRC scoring margin at 28.9 points per game and is just behind Milan scoring at a 56.9 per game pace.

Polo defeated DeKalb in 2021 and 2019 in the Osborn Tournament.  The 2019 game was a 50-40 victory in the semifinals while last year's game featured a 46-41 Polo victory in the Championship game.  Polo was the Osborn Tournament Champion in both those years and will be seeking their 3rd tournament title in 4 years.

Polo Starting Lineup
  • #5 Chloe Gilbert
  • #10 Haley Aubrey
  • #30 Hanna Vaught
  • #32 Lily Gentry
  • #33 Mary Copeland
1st Quarter

DeKalb wins the tip.  They turn it over on the first possession.  Copeland with the first bucket for Polo.

DeKalb answers with a long 2 to tie it with 7:00 left.

Copeland with another bucket inside.  Polo steals it and Gilbert with a layup.  Another steal and Vaught with a layup.  Polo leads 8-2 5:47 left.

After several empty possessions, DeKalb able to get a basket. 8-4 Polo with 4:38 left.

Polo on a scoring slump, but playing great defense.  Still 8-4 with 3:49 left.

Copeland follows her own shot and makes it 10-4.  3:20 left.

Gilbert on the assist from Copeland makes it 12-4 with 2:19 left.

DeKalb answers with a bucket underneath.  12-6 1:56 left.

DeKalb hits a 3 and then Vaught is fouled with 45.0 sec left.  She hits both.  14-9 Polo.

DeKalb player fouled with 1.2 left and hits both.  Polo leads 14-11 at the end of 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter

Qualman is fouled and hits the bucket.  She misses the free throw.  Polo is up 16-11 with 6:54 left.

Qualman follows with another bucket after a turnover.  DeKalb turns it over and then another bucket by Copeland.  20-11 Polo with 6:22 left.

DeKalb getting a lot of offensive rebounds, but unable to capitalize.

Qualman with a put back on a miss.  Polo with a steal and Copeland with a bucket.  Polo up 24-11 with 4:11 left.

Mary Copeland with a monster block and Aubrey answers with a 3 on the other side.  Polo up 27-11 with 3:13 left.

Copeland with another bucket.  Polo leads 29-11 with 2:00 left.

No more scoring for the rest of the quarter, but Copeland with 3 big blocks (at least).  Polo goes into the half up 29-11.

3rd Quarter

DeKalb gets the ball first in the 3rd.  Copeland gets her 4th block.

Vaught with a bucket on the other end.  Polo 31-11 with 6:50 left.

Copeland picks up her 3rd foul.  DeKalb hits 1 free throw.  31-12 with 6:40 left.

Copeland now with 4 fouls.  This one looked clean.  She is going to be sitting for a while.  31-12 Polo with 6:08 left.

DeKalb with a bucket and a foul.  They hit the free throw.  31-15 Polo with 4:47 left.

Vaught with a bucket after a turnover.  Polo up 33-15 with 4:20 left.

Qualman with a bucket.  Polo up 35-15 with 3:51 left.

DeKalb answers with a 3.  Polo 35-18 with 3:20 left.

DeKalb with 2 free throws to cut it to 35-20.  They then steal it, but miss a 3.  Vaught comes back with a bucket.  2:31 left with Polo up 37-20.

Vaught with a putback to make it 39-20 with 1:55 left.

DeKalb with a bucket to close the scoring in the quarter.  Polo leads 39-22 after 3.

4th Quarter

Mary Copeland is back in and opens up the scoring.  Polo leads 41-22.

Larkins with a bucket inside to make it 43-22 Polo with 6:50 left.

Gilbert with the assist from Copeland.  Polo 45-22 lead with 6:30 left.

Gilbert with another bucket.  This time she is fouled and hits free throw.  48-22 with 5:16 left.

DeKalb hits two free throws to make it 48-24.  4:00 left in game now.

DeKalb with a bucket, but Copeland answers.  50-26 with 2:50 left.

Copeland is fouled.  She hits 1 of 2.  Polo leads 51-26 with 1:45 left.

Chapman with a bucket. Polo up 53-26 1:00 left.

Qualman scores.  DeKalb answers at the buzzer.  Final is Polo 55 DeKalb 28.

Scoring Totals for Polo

#33 Mary Copeland 17
#30 Hanna Vaught 12
#25 Jenee Qualman 10
#5 Chloe Gilbert 9
#10 Haley Aubrey 3
#13 Alayna Chapman 2
#24 Kayla Larkins 2
#3 Layna Norton 0
#4 Kendall McKracken 0
#32 Lily Gentry 0

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