Saturday, August 20, 2022

North Andrew and Pattonsburg compete in the North Andrew Jamboree

by Jeremy Benson,

Two GRC teams competed in the North Andrew Football Jamboree on Friday Night.  North Andrew Cardinals hosted the jamboree and was joined by fellow GRC member Pattonsburg Panthers along with Platte Valley and DeKalb.

Each of the teams in the jamboree had the opportunity to play the other teams on offense and defense.  They would start at their own 20 yard line and have 12 plays.  If they turned the ball over or failed to make a first down, then the ball would go back to the 20 yard line.

The order of the jamboree was:
1st Quarter - North Andrew vs. Pattonsburg
2nd Quarter - Platte Valley vs. DeKalb
3rd Quarter - North Andrew vs. DeKalb
4th Quarter - Pattonsburg vs. Platte Valley
5th Quarter - Pattonsburg vs. DeKalb
6th Quarter - North Andrew vs. Platte Valley

1st Quarter - North Andrew vs. Pattonsburg
The 1st Quarter featured the two GRC teams.  North Andrew started on offense, and Hayden Ecker immediately ran 60 yards for a touchdown on the first play.  Unfortunately for the Cardinals, a penalty negated the TD.  However, two plays later, Braxon Linville connected with Gunner Lawrence on a 25-yard pass.  Hayden Ecker would get his TD on the 9th play of the quarter with a 1-yd TD.  North Andrew would end with 12 points.

Pattonsburg came out throwing on their first 4 plays and got to midfield.  On the next play, QB Gage Iddings handed off to Brody Langfitt who ran to the left and met a host of Cardinals.  It appeared that he was stopped, but he cut back to the right and broke free down the field for a 40-yard TD.  Pattonsburg was able to get the ball down to North Andrew's 19-yard line on their next possession, but were unable to gain yardage on their last 3 plays and ended up with 6 points.

2nd Quarter - Platte Valley vs. DeKalb
The 2nd Quarter was the only one that did not feature one of the GRC teams, so I did not follow this quarter as closely.  It ended up in a 6-6 tie, but Platte Valley played their JV most of the quarter.

3rd Quarter - North Andrew vs. DeKalb
In the 3rd Quarter, North Andrew only played their varsity the first 4 plays on both offense and defense.  After inserting the JV, DeKalb was able to score on the Cardinals twice.  When the Cardinals were on offense, they were able to rush for 31 yards on their first 3 plays before an incomplete pass.  However, they failed to score after the JV came in.  DeKalb came out ahead 12-0 in the quarter.

4th Quarter - Pattonsburg vs. Platte Valley
Platte Valley went on offense first in the 4th Quarter.  Platte Valley was able to score 3 times in their 12 plays.  Pattonsburg struggled to stop the Platte Valley offense.  The Panthers had 12 plays on offense and threw all 12 plays.  On the 7th play, Gage Iddings connected with Tyson Gibson on a 23-yard touchdown.  Unfortunately for the Panthers, their next possession resulted in 4 incomplete passes and ended the quarter with the Panthers behind 18-6.

5th Quarter - Pattonsburg vs. DeKalb
DeKalb started on offense first in the 5th Quarter.  They were able to score one TD to go up 6-0.  When Pattonsburg went on offense, they marched down the field on their first 4 plays (all passes), and Gage Iddings connected with Samuel Coin for a 38-yard TD.  The JV played the final 8 plays with Landon Preston at QB.  On the 11th play, it was the Preston to Preston connection that scored again with Kyler Preston scoring on a 2-yd TD reception from Landon.  The Panthers won the 5th quarter 12-6.

6th Quarter - North Andrew vs. Platte Valley
Platte Valley and North Andrew played a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors before the 6th quarter.  Platte Valley won and elected to start on defense.  North Andrew marched down the field and ran the ball all but 2 plays of their quarter.  They had the ball at the 3-yard line on their final play.  QB Braxon Linville called his own number and ran to the right, but the Platte Valley defense was able to stay in front of him and force him out at the 1-yard line.  They were 1 yard short and did not score.

Platte Valley took over and they struggled to move the ball, but eventually got to the Cardinal 20-yard line by the 10th play.  But North Andrew sacked the Platte Valley QB Aydan Blackford on the final two plays to end the 6th quarter scoreless.

For more coverage of the jamboree including interviews with Pattonsburg coach Brandon Burkhead and North Andrew coach Dwayne Williams, you can listen to the GRC podcast below.

Final Scores
Platte Valley 24-12
DeKalb 24-18
North Andrew 12-18
Pattonsburg 24-36

North Andrew Stats (Unofficial)
Braxon Linville, 2-5, 49 yards, 1 TD
Blaise Patterson, 4-10, 38 yards, 1 Int

Hayden Ecker, 59 yards, 1 TD
Braxon Linville, 48 yards
Andrew Goff, 42 yards
Billy Atkins, 20 yards
Blaise Patterson, -5 yards

Gunner Lawrence, 49 yards, 1 TD
Mattox Sybert, 28 yards
Cooper Grishow, 10 yards

Pattonsburg Stats (Unofficial)
Gage Iddings, 18-25, 182 yards, 2 TD
Landon Preston, 4-7, 36 yards, 1 TD

Brody Langfitt, 40 yards, 1 TD
Kyler Preston, 12 yards
Samuel Coin, 2 yards

Samuel Coin, 85 yards 1 TD
Kaden Locker, 37 yards
Brody Langfitt, 37 yards
Tyson Gibson, 23 yards, 1 TD
Kyler Preston, 15 yards, 1 TD
Dalton Sperry, 15 yards
Evan Schreiber, 6 yards

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