Monday, January 23, 2023

North Platte Tournament - Boys First Round - North Andrew vs. Mound City

by Jeremy Benson,

North Andrew Cardinals and Mound City Panthers are playing each other in the first round of the North Platte Tournament.  This is the 3rd meeting between Cardinals and Panthers.  Mound City won the first meeting by the score of 61-32.  The Cardinals avenged that loss with a 66-46 win in the Stanberry Tournament.  The win by North Andrew in the Stanberry Tournament snapped a 6-game losing streak against Mound City.

Starters for North Andrew

  • #3 Trey McDaniel
  • #20 Gunner Lawrence
  • #24 Hayden Ecker
  • #30 Collin Patterson
  • #34 Braxon Linville
Starters for Mound City

  • #1 Gavyn Salsbury
  • #3 Quinton Brandon
  • #13 Trevor Tubbs
  • #15 Chanse Summers
  • #21 Keaton Zembles
1st Quarter

Cardinals get the opening tip and Patterson scores underneath the bucket to go up 2-0.

Salsbury answers with a 3 from Mound City to go up 3-2.

Summers with a bucket for Mound City after a Cardinal miss.  5-2 Panthers. 6:30 left.

Tubbs on a putback for Mound City.  They are up 7-2 with 6:00 left.

Lawrence is fouled by Salsbury.  He misses both, but Linville follows with a bucket.  After a Panther miss, Linville with another bucket.  7-6 Panthers with 5:20 left.

Brandon with a 3 for Mound City. They are up 10-6 with 4:00 left.

Linville with another bucket. Salsbury answers.  12-8 Panthers 3:30 left.

Zembles with a backdoor bucket for Mound City.  North Andrew with a timeout.  Mound City is up 14-8 with 2:44 left in the first.

Jacob Chittum with a bucket in the lane for the Cardinals.  Salsbury answers with a bucket for Mound City.  Fouled by Lawrence.  Free Throw Good.  Panthers up 17-10 with 2:00 left.

Zembles fouled by Aiden Miller and hits 1 of 2 for Mound City.  18-10 Panthers with 1:30 left.

Linville with a 3 to cut it to 18-13.  Tubbs answers inside for Mound City.  20-13 Panthers with 30 sec left.

Both teams have empty possessions to end the first quarter.  Mound City is up 20-13 after one quarter of play.  Braxon Linville leads the Cardinals with 9 points.  Gavyn Salsbury has 8 for Mound City.

2nd Quarter

Salsbury starts the scoring for Mound City in the 2nd to go up 22-13.  6:30 left.

Chittum with a bucket underneath cuts it to 22-15.  6:00 left.

Linville with another bucket inside.  Tubbs answers.  5:00 left.  Mound City up 24-17.

Summers with a 3.  Mound City now up 10 with 4:00 left.

Lawrence with a bucket.  He is fouled by Zembles.  Free throw cuts the lead back to 7 with 3:53 left.

Mound City calls a timeout.  They have a 27-20 lead with 3:16 left in the 2nd.

Summers with a bucket to make it 29-20.  Patterson with a fast break bucket to cut it to 29-22.  Summers with another bucket makes it a 9-point lead again. Linville answers with a 3.  Now 31-25 Panthers with 1:18 left.

Tubbs fouled for Mound City.  He misses two.  Patterson with another bucket, but Brandon answers.  33-27 Panthers with 30 sec left.

After a steal, Gunner Lawrence is fouled by Tubbs.  Basket is good, but he misses the free throw.  

Mound City misses a shot at the buzzer.  Mound City leads 33-29 at the half.  Linville leads the Cardinals with 14.  Salsbury has 10 for the Panthers.

3rd Quarter

It took a minute in the half, but Trey McDaniel starts the scoring to cut the Mound City lead down to 33-31.

Linville goes coast to coast to tie the game at 33.  5:00 left in the 3rd.

Ecker gets on the scoreboard with a 3 to put the Cardinals on top 36-33.  

Tubbs with an up and under.  He is fouled by Patterson.  His free throw ties it at 36.  3:45 left.

Tubbs with another bucket to make it 38-36.  

Linville is fouled on the other end.  He misses both.  3:00 left.

Summers with a putback to make it 40-36 Panthers, but Linville answers.  He is fouled.  His free throw is good.  40-39 Mound City with 2:33 left.

Lawrence with a bucket to put North Andrew on top 41-40.  2:00 left.

Tubbs answers.  Now 42-41 Mound City.  1:30 left.

Linville with an up and under to put Cardinals back on top 43-42 with 1:00 left.

Linville with a bucket with 3 sec left. He is fouled, but misses free throw.  Mound City misses shot at the buzzer.  (It hit the top of the rim)

Cardinals lead 45-42.  Linville has 23.  Tubbs leads Mound City with 13.

4th Quarter

Gunner Lawrence puts the Cardinals up 47-42 to start the scoring.

Tubbs is fouled by Chittum.  He misses both.  7:00 left.

Patterson with a basket on a great pass from Chittum. Cardinals now up 7 with 5:30 left.

Chittum then gets a bucket of his own to make it 51-42 Cardinals.  Mound City calls a timeout with 5:11.  Cardinals on a 10-0 run.

Salsbury with a bucket for Mound City to end the run.

Mound City gets the ball back, but Salsbury is double teamed and they call time out.  51-44 Cardinals with 4:15 left.

Salsbury with another bucket.  51-46 with 3:30 left.

Salsbury scores again on a floater.  Now 51-48.  A block by Tubbs and he is fouled.  He is shooting 1-1 with 2:35 left.  He hits 1 to cut it to 51-49.

Ecker is fouled by Salsbury. That is Salsbury's fourth.  Ecker is shooting two with 2:09 left.  He misses both.

Salsbury answers on the other side to tie the game.  North Andrew with a timeout with 1:54 left.  Salsbury is on a 9-0 run.  51-51 is the score.

Linville answers to make it 53-51.   Now 1:00 left.

Mound City calls timeout.  They have the ball with 46.8 sec left in the game down 53-51.

Tubbs with a bucket.  He is fouled with 36.2 sec left.  He hits the FT to go up 54-53.  Time out North Andrew with 32.8 sec. left.

McDaniel with a 3 from the corner to put the Cardinals up 56-54.  Tubbs fouled with 16.4 left.  He misses.

North Andrew calls timeout with 11.8 left.  They have the ball and the lead.  56-54 Cardinals.

Patterson fouled with 8.8 sec left.  Salsbury has fouled out for Mound City.  Patterson missed, but North Andrew rebounded.  Ecker fouled with 6.0 sec left.  North Andrew with a timeout.

Ecker missed. Mound City's Tubbs misses a shot at the buzzer.  North Andrew wins 56-54.

North Andrew Scoring

  • #34 Braxon Linville 25
  • #20 Gunner Lawrence 9
  • #30 Collin Patterson 8
  • #44 Jacob Chittum 6
  • #3 Trey McDaniel 5
  • #24 Hayden Ecker 3

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