Sunday, September 4, 2022

Week 2 GRC Power Poll

by Jeremy Benson,

We have played two weeks of the high school football season so far.  While there is still a lot to be played, the first two weeks have helped me solidify some of my preseason opinions and perhaps change my mind on some others.  Therefore, I am starting a weekly segment called "GRC Power Poll" in which I rank the teams in both 11-man and 8-man.  In addition, I will share a little commentary about the teams.  If you have differing opinions (which I am sure you will), please feel free to comment here or on Twitter or Facebook.

11-Man Power Poll

1. Gallatin (2-0; Coaches #1; Week 1 - d. North Platte 51-16; Week 2 - d. Hamilton 40-0; Week 3 at South Harrison) Gallatin was voted #1 in the coaches' poll and they have not disappointed so far.  They got off to fast starts in both of their games en route to easy victories.  Against North Platte, they scored 5 touchdowns in the 1st quarter including a 78-yard run on the 2nd play.  Against Hamilton, they had a 20-0 lead after only 2 offensive snaps.  The three scores were a 56-yd run by Feiden, 45-yd interception by Wright and 80-yd pass from Baker to Feiden.

2. Trenton (2-0; Coaches #2; Week 1 - d. Brookfield 29-8; Week 2 - d. Lathrop 35-0; Week 3 at Princeton) Since joining the GRC, Trenton had never won a game in the first two weeks before conference play started.  In their 7th season in the GRC, they finally were able to knock off a non-conference foe in Week 1.  The win came against a Brookfield team that they did defeat in the playoffs last year after losing the opener to them in overtime.  Trenton's ground game was key with the trio of Gibson, Novak and Griffin all close to or over 100 yards rushing.  Week 2 featured great defense in addition to continued strong running game.  They were able to force multiple turnovers en route to the victory.

3. Milan (1-1; Coaches #3; Week 1 - lost to South Shelby 35-23; Week 2 - d. Harrisburg 41-8; Week 3 at Putnam County) Milan struggled against a tough South Shelby team.  Unfortunately, Milan was outmatched physically by the Cardinals and made too many mistakes early.  They rebounded against Harrisburg (who was ranked #7 in Class 1) with a fast start.  Defensively, the Wildcats held Harrisburg to 8 points and were led by Carlos Cotto, leading the team in tackles.  In addition, they were able to give the offense a short field all night.

4. Polo (2-0; Coaches #4; Week 1 - d. West Platte 30-26; Week 2 - d. Plattsburg 55-20; Week 3 vs. Maysville) Polo's game against West Platte was a back and forth affair taking the lead with 38.5 seconds left in the game.  The drive featured a key conversion from Gentry to Baker on 4th and 29. The game against Plattsburg was close early, but Polo was able to pull away against a rebuilding Tiger team.  Probably the biggest surprise for Polo this season has been how much they have opened up the passing game.

5. Putnam County (2-0; Coaches #7; Week 1 - d. Highland 55-36; Week 2 - d. Father Tolton 34-29; Week 3 vs. Milan)  The Midgets won in week 1 in a high scoring affair.  Putnam was able to pull away in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. In the game against Father Tolton, Putnam County came back down 14 and scored with 3 seconds left to win.  Perkins had over 200 yards rushing and 3 TD.

6. Maysville (1-1; Coaches #6; Week 1 - d. Plattsburg 70-6; Week 2 - lost to North Platte 20-0; Week 3 at Polo) Maysville dominated week 1 against a young Plattsburg team, but was unable to take that momentum into week 2 falling to North Platte.

7. South Harrison (0-2; Coaches #4; Week 1 - lost to East Buchanan 48-14; Week 2 - lost to West Platte 21-6; Week 3 vs. Gallatin) South Harrison's first week opponent was the defending Class 1 state champion.  South Harrison responded in the second half with some drives, but did not have the horses to keep up with East Buchanan.  Week 2 against West Platte was another difficult game against a team that is expected to be a middle of the road team in the KCI.

8. Princeton (0-2; Coaches #8; Week 1 - lost to Mid-Buchanan 22-49; Week 2 - lost to Clark County 58-12; Week 3 vs. Trenton) Princeton is rebuilding and faced two very tough opponents the first two weeks.  They have another tough opponent in week 3.

8-Man Power Poll

1. Worth County (2-0; 1-0 GRC; Coaches #2; Week 1 - d. South Holt 60-12; Week 2 - d. St. Joseph Christian 92-12; Week 3 vs. Bishop LeBlond) Worth County dominates South Holt in a game that was expected to be closer.  They dominate an improved, but still rebuilding St. Joseph Christian team.  

2. North Andrew (2-0; 1-0 GRC; Coaches #1; Week 1 - d. King City 28-14; Week 2 - d. Bishop LeBlond 64-36; Week 3 at Pattonsburg) North Andrew struggled early against King City, mostly due to turnovers.  However, a strong defensive second half allowed them to knock off the Wildkats.  The Cardinals allowed more points in the second game, but North Andrew was dominant up front and was able to score early and often against #6 LeBlond.

3. Albany (2-0; 1-0 GRC; Coaches #5; Week 1 - d. Rich Hill 62-8; Week 2 - d. Stanberry 54-32; Week 3 at Mound City) Albany dominated Rich Hill in Week 1 and then defeated #7 Stanberry in Week 2.  I expect Albany to be a top ten team when the polls come out tomorrow.

4. King City (1-1; 0-1 GRC; Coaches #4; Week 1 - lost to North Andrew 14-28; Week 2 - d. DeKalb 66-0; Week 3 at Stanberry) King City hung tough with North Andrew in week 1, but did not have enough offense to close it out.  They dominated DeKalb in week 2.  

5. Stanberry (1-1; 1-1 GRC; Coaches #3; Week 1 - d. St. Joseph Christian 76-26; Week 2 - lost to Albany 54-32; Week 3 vs. King City) Stanberry's start has been a bit underwhelming.  They were trailing St. Joseph Christian before the lights went out week 1.  They ultimately rebounded to win.  However, they were not successful in stopping Albany in week 2.

6. Pattonsburg (1-1; Coaches #6; Week 1 - lost to Bishop LeBlond 66-44; Week 2 - d. Schuyler County 78-40; Week 3 vs. North Andrew) Pattonsburg hung with Bishop LeBlond well into the second half, but the Eagles ultimately pulled away.  It was the opposite in week 2 where the Panthers took a close game and pulled way in the 4th quarter to win by 38.  

7. St. Joseph Christian (0-2; 0-2 GRC; Week 1 - lost to Stanberry 76-26; Week 2 - lost to Worth County 92-12; Week 3 vs. Santa Fe) St. Joseph Christian had some positives in week 1 by having the lead heading into Saturday morning.  However, like Princeton, they are rebuilding and lost to two very talented teams.  

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