Saturday, March 12, 2022

2022 MSHSAA Show-Me Showdown I Day 3 - C2 Boys 3rd Place - Putnam County vs. Bishop LeBlond

12 pm - C2 Boys 3rd Place - Putnam County 57 Bishop LeBlond 55

Scoring Summary

                                1    2    3     4    F
Putnam County       9   15  15   18  57
Bishop LeBlond     11  17   7    20  55

Putnam County
  • Zach Heidenwith, 19 pts, 6-11 FG, 3-6 3FG, 4-4 FT
  • Landon Wood, 11 pts, 4-7 FG, 3-6 FT
  • Lance Fowler, 10 pts, 3-6 FG, 4-6 FT
  • Trace Riediger, 8 pts, 4-5 FG
  • Jaden Wyant, 4 pts, 1-4 FG, 2-3 FT
  • Owen Ream, 3 pts, 1-4 FG, 1-1 3FG
  • Gage Pearson, 2 pts, 1-2 FG
32 Rebounds, 11 Assists, 12 Steals, 23 Turnovers

Bishop LeBlond
  • Jake Korell, 15 pts, 5-10 FG, 2-4 3FG, 3-4 FT
  • Chris Guldan, 12 pts, 5-15 FG, 1-7 3FG, 1-1 FT
  • Hayden Cross, 11 pts, 4-11 FG, 2-4 3FG, 1-2 FT
  • Landon Gardner, 6 pts, 2-5 FG, 0-2 3FG, 2-2 FT
  • Alex Libel, 6 pts, 3-8 FG
  • Marcos Dominguez, 2-6 FG, 1-3 3FG, 0-1 FT
  • Noah Eidmann, 0-4 FG, 0-4 3FG

26 Rebounds, 12 Assists, 17 Steals, 16 Turnovers

Putnam County 3rd Place Photo

Credit: Austin Miller - Kirksville Daily Express

In-Game Updates


Putnam County
  • #1 Jaden Wyant
  • #3 Lance Fowler
  • #10 Zach Heidenwith
  • #14 Owen Ream
  • #55 Landon Wood
Bishop LeBlond
  • #3 Chris Guldan
  • #4 Hayden Cross
  • #11 Landon Gardner
  • #20 Jake Korell
  • #25 Alex Libel
1st Quarter

Landon Wood misses the opening shot and Jaden Wyant picks up a foul.  Hayden Cross with a bucket on the next possession.  LeBlond up 2-0.

After a Wood miss, Cross hits a 3 to put LeBlond up 5-0.

Heidenwith puts Putnam on the board with a drive and bucket.  5-2 with 6 min left.

Cross fouls Fowler.  He hits both free throws with 5:30 left to make it 5-4 LeBlond.

Fowler blocks Libel, but Putnam unable to convert on the other end. Guldan then hits a mid-range to put LeBlond up 7-4 with 3:30 left.

Libel with a bucket on the inbounds.  LeBlond up 9-4.  Wood is fouled Libel on the other end with 2:36 left.  He hits both.  LeBlond lead is 9-6.

Ream with a 3 to tie the game at 9.  1 min left in the 1st.

LeBlond with a bucket to make it 11-9.  

That closes out the scoring. After 1 quarter of play, Bishop LeBlond 11 Putnam County 9

2nd Quarter

Gulden steals the ball and goes in for a layup.  On the other side, Libel gets two blocks on one possession.  LeBlond capitalizes with a Dominguez 3.  LeBlond leads 16-9 with 7 min left.

Ream just picked up his 3rd foul.

Libel with his 2nd foul.

Fowler with a bucket in the lane to make it 16-11 with 6 min left.

Cross picks up his 2nd foul.

Riediger with a bucket on a nice pass from Wood.  16-13 LeBlond with 5 min left.

Wood fouls Gardner.  He hits two free throws.  Timeout LeBlond with 4:56 left in 2nd. LeBlond leads 18-13.

Wood is fouled by Gardner.  He hits 1 of 2.  Fowler rebounds the 2nd and scores.  LeBlond is up 18-16 with 4:38 left.

Riediger with another bucket to tie the game at 18.  We have 4 min left in 2nd.

Guldan breaks the tie with a 3.  21-18 with 3:30 left.

Korell fould Fowler.  He hits 1 of 2.  21-19 LeBlond.

Fowler is fouled and hits 1 of 2 again.  21-20 with 2:49 left.

Korell with a bucket on a goaltending.  23-20 LeBlond with 2:10 left.

Wood answers on the other end.  Korell answers with a 3.  Heidenwith with a bucket in the lane to cut it to 26-24 LeBlond.  1:12 left.

Gardner on a pass from Guldan hits a layup.  Wood is fouled on the other end.  He missed both.  28-24 LeBlond with 30 sec left.

Wild last 30 sec, but no points.  LeBlond leads Putnam County 28-24 at the half.

Fowler leads Putnam with 8 points.  Guldan leads LeBlond with 9.

3rd Quarter

Korell starts off the scoring for LeBlond to make it 30-24.  Wood answers.  30-26 with 7 min left.

Wyant scores to cut LeBlond lead to 2 with 5:20 left.

Wyant steals, passes to Heidenwith for 3.  Putnam now up 31-30 with 5 min left.

Fowler with a step-through in the lane to make it 33-30.  Putnam is on a 9-0 run with 3:45 left in 3rd.

Korell stops the run by hitting a 3 to tie it at 33.  3:18 left in the 3rd.  Timeout LeBlond.

Wyant is fouled by Libel.  That is his 3rd foul.  Wyant hits both to give Putnam a 35-33 lead with 3:07 left.

Heidenwith is fouled after he rebounds a Pearson shot.  Foul on Guldan.  Heidenwith hits both to put Putnam up 37-33 with 2:33 left.

Cross with a jumper to cut the lead to 2.  2 min left.

Pearson with a bucket inside to make it 39-35 with 1:20 left.

Refs are not very popular with the fans right now on both sides.  3 straight calls that are getting the ire of the crowd.

Wyant just picked up his 3rd foul.  And on the inbounds, Wyant steals it and Libel picks up his 4th.

And that ends the 3rd.  Putnam County leads LeBlond 39-35

4th Quarter

First possession, Heidenwith hits a 3 from the corner.  Putnam is up 42-35.

LeBlond misses and Gardner picks up his 3rd for LeBlond.

Gardner with a bucket.  Wood answers on the other end.  Just over 6 min left and Putnam leads 44-37

Gardner just picked his 4th foul.

Putnam calls timeout with 5:04 left in the game.  Putnam County leads 44-37.

Riediger rebounds a miss and puts it back to put Putnam up 46-37.  Korell answers with a bucket.  Putnam leads 46-39. LeBlond timeout with 4:16 left.

Riediger with another bucket to make it 48-39 Putnam.  Libel answers. 48-41 with 3:45 left.

Heidenwith with another 3.  Wyant then picks up his 4th foul. Korell to the line with 3:19 left.  He hits one to make it 51-42 Putnam.

After a Putnam shot rolls in and out, Fowler fouls Guldan at the other in on a made bucket. Guldan hits the FT with 2:55 left.  Wood answers with a bucket.  53-45 Putnam with 2:40 left.

Wood fouls Korell with 2:11 left.  Korell hits both.  53-47 Putnam lead.

Cross picks up his 3rd foul and then his 4th.

Wyant to the line.  He misses. 

Both teams turn it over, then Cross is fouled by Fowler.  He has 4 fouls.  Cross shooting with 1:12 left.  He hits one to make it 53-48 Putnam.

A LeBlond steal and Cross bucket makes it 53-50.  Putnam scores to make it 55-50. 

Dominguez scores.  Fowler commits his 5th foul.  Score is 55-53

Scoreboard says 55-53, but I thought it was 55-52.  So something happened somewhere earlier that a bunch of us missed.

Heidenwith is fouled with 18.3 left.  He hits both.  57-53 Putnam.

Libel with a putback with 2.8 left.  Putnam ball and 57-55 lead.  Timeout LeBlond.

LeBlond steals and misses 3 pointer at the buzzer.  Putnam wins 57-55.

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